Adrian Edmondson

16th Jan

Nerdy Wikipedia Bastards

There is a wikipedia page about me. It's not particularly bad, not particularly good. In fact it's probably just boring. However, most journalists are so lazy these days that they only ever look at this page before they interview me. I can tell straight away because they always say 'So you've decided to start calling yourself Adrian instead of Ade", whereas the opposite is actually the case. No great shakes, but it does get tedious.

Somewhat naively I presumed I could correct these inaccuracies. Wrong! I registered all right, but every time I make a correction it is immediately 'undone' by some nerdy wikipedia bastard who apparently knows more about me than I do. One of them even describes my knowledge as 'not exactly encyclopaedic' - a phrase, which really applies to Wikipedia itself.

And the editing language is so unecessarily complex - it's the kind of stuff that attracts boys with no friends and poor hygiene. 

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